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As part of the expanded offering to celebrate Margaret Place's 100th Anniversary, the Margaret Place Fan Tour will be held on Saturday, March 31st, the day before the Palm Sunday Tour of Homes. Other functions include a brunch at 121 Artisan's Bistro and an Exhibit at the Immacualte Conception Catholic School (ICCS).

The Gardens at 321 Wilson

Entrance to Ranier Gardens"Breathtaking!"  



Thewe were just a few of the words used by Fan Tour guest describing the gardens at 321 Wilson, the home of Drew and Sheila Ranier.



211 Wilson

IMG_9568_filopatio_towardgameroom Whether it is the annual Quinn-Filo Volleyball Tournament, an LSU or Saints football game or simply a neighborhood get-together, "The Filo Patio" and game room at 211 Wilson Street is a popular Margaret Place gathering spot.

It was one of the stops along the way of the 2012 Fan Tour.




1505 Griffith

The porch of 1505 Griffith will be highlighted during the Margaret Place Fan TourLucky ticket holders to the 2012 Fan Tour were able to walk onto this porch and take in the beauty of the surrounding trees along with a glimpse of Lake Charles.

The interior of this Landmark home, known as "The H.D. White House", was also open for Sunday's Tour of Homes.



106 Grove

Front Porch, 106 GroveIn 1990, 8,621 homes competed for the Better Homes and Gardens Improvement Contest.There were 12 winners. 106 Grove was one of those 12!

Ticket holders to the 2012 Margaret Place Fan Tourl learned more about the extensive renovations to this Landmark home as presented by "Bungalow Barb", Barbara Wyman, from her front porch.


330 Wilson

Porch at 330 Wilson during the Locke EraMargaret Place residents and friends of Theresa and James Barnatt know that they enjoy the tranquility of their porch as much as those who came before them! A Landmark Home by the Calcasieu Historical Preservation Society, the porch of this historic home known as "The Leon Locke House" served as a prominent feature of Saturday afternoon's walking tour and preview event. 

Visitors had a rare opportunity to take in the history and ambiance of the home built and occupied by former Lake Charles Mayor Leon Locke and his family. 

The Barnatts were willing to share their approach to renovating this historic property.