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In keeping with the mission of the Calcasieu Historical Preservation Society, a list is comprised annually of the 11 most endangered things, places and structures.


Eleven Most Endangered Structures and Features in Southwest Louisiana as presented at the annual meeting held on Jan 24, 2013.  This slide show in PDF format provides photos of the endangered properties as well as award recipients. 

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These listings serves as a "watch list" of historic sites and structures that are in danger of being lost by neglect, by demolition, by pollution, or by other factors which affect the built environment. According to Donna Richard, Society president, the list serves to bring the story of the site to the public's attention and to encourage reuse, redevelopment or increased care of important historic resources.

 For 2011 the list includes:

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1. The Huber/Oak Park Development Office and the Gates to Oak Park. A mid-century example of a planned community, Oak Park was designed to be a premier place to live in Southwest Louisiana with distinctive live oaks providing shade to a unique street and service alley subdivision plat. The picturesque Huber Development office (2815 Fifth Avenue) and the distinctive oak and acorn cast-iron gateways marking the entrances are literally abandoned. Some of the gateways have been lost by street widening, others, like the grand Second Avenue gate, need prompt maintenance to keep them in good repair.

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Tower of Warren United Methodist Church.  Now demolished.

Warren United Methodist Church.  Update. Sadly, this building (photo of bell  tower on right)  was demolished.

The Duflot Building (Corner of Common Street and Clarence)

Duflot Florist Building

This structure historically was a greenhouse and commercial florist and nursery, with living space above. 

Recently, a retail business operated from its ground floor and that retail establishment has moved south. 

The building and site represents a chapter of retailing history where the small entrepeneur lived above his business to better serve his clientele.

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401 Pine Street

This is an 1890 era two story Queen Anne Revival house and features an Eastlake-style porch surmounted by an elaborately worked balcony. The balcony has decorative corner panels and spindlework.

Shaped shingles in front and side gables, a very prominent fan form in the front gable and decoratively worked brackets distinguish this downtown Lake Charles structure.

2009 Update: We are pleased to report that this home is being restored!


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2007 Eleven Most Endangered Structures and Sites in Southwest Louisiana.

Warren United Methodist Church. A symbol of the pride of a people, this urban landmark looms over its Lawrence Street neighborhood. Storm damage has yet to be corrected, and the congregation is at a crisis. Restore and rebuild, or construct anew somewhere else?

The Sam Houston Jones Mansion, at Broad and Louisiana. One of the several area residences for this important post-Long reform governor, the structure still shows the ravages of the storm. We encourage the current owners to stabilize and rehabilitate this important structure.

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