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2007 Eleven Most Endangered Structures and Sites in Southwest Louisiana.

Warren United Methodist Church. A symbol of the pride of a people, this urban landmark looms over its Lawrence Street neighborhood. Storm damage has yet to be corrected, and the congregation is at a crisis. Restore and rebuild, or construct anew somewhere else?

The Sam Houston Jones Mansion, at Broad and Louisiana. One of the several area residences for this important post-Long reform governor, the structure still shows the ravages of the storm. We encourage the current owners to stabilize and rehabilitate this important structure.


Shotgun houses. (Belden Street has a few, others in North LC are not so cute) Once a popular and useful housing type, the shotgun house—a southern invention that took advantage of long narrow urban lots—is going the way of dodo birds and nickel postage stamps. Interestingly enough, this style of structure is undergoing a revival as a prototype of the post Katrina, post Rita Louisiana urban house style.

The I C Carter railroad warehouse at Broad and Enterprise. The last symbol of the railroads which helped to build Southwest Louisiana, this brick structure has outlived the railroad that serviced it.

The Gates of Oak Park. (2nd Ave 3rd Ave at 12th Street) Markers posted the entrances to this post war housing development graced by perhaps the largest grove of live oaks in the United States.

The Lake Charles Calcasieu Rice Mill at the head of (across from Transit Mix) Kirkman Street at the river. A huge remainder of what was once the largest rice milling facility in the world, the hulking mass has eluded development and reuse for decades.

Goldband Records Shop and Recruiting Studio. 303 Church Street This is the home of popular music in Lake Charles where swamp pop, zydeco, country western and swing were recorded by the legendary Eddie Schuler. The structure is vacant, deteriorating and marooned by the Interstate.

Dalavisio Veterinary Clinic. 12th Street between Enterprise and First Avenue. A quirky example of mid century chic, this vacant structure is crying out for adaptive reuse. ­­­­­­­­­­

Cement art benches on the grounds of the Historic Calcasieu Courthouse.

The obelisk street signs.

-- Adley Cormier