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The Gardens at 321 Wilson

Entrance to Ranier Gardens"Breathtaking!"   "Stunning!"   "Beautiful!" are just a few words to use when describing the gardens at 321 Wilson, the home of Drew and Sheila Ranier.

Less than 20% of the Gardens!

"We need more time!" is what we expect visitors to say during the Fan Tour!

In keeping with the CHPS policy to NOT post interior photographs of homes in advance or post-tour, we had to make a decision as to how to treat the  gardens at 321 Wilson.After careful deliberation, we are providing just enough for a "tease factor".

Lion's HeadWe hope these images entice you to secure a ticket to Sunday's event in order to spend more time in this scrumptious garden while visiting the home on the Palm Sunday Tour of Homes.

The Calcasieu Historical Preservation Society and the Margaret Place Historical District are so grateful to these and all the owners who are opening up their homes to the public on what promises to be a grand spring day!