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Re-enactment of Streetcar Line on Palm Sunday

The Lake Charles Trolley will help us recreate the historic streetcar lineWe are pleased to announce that the City of Lake Charles has partnered with CHPS/MPHD to temporarily conduct a "re-enactment of  the Historic South Ryan Streetcar Line" as a part of the 37th Annual Palm Sunday Tour of Homes.

From 1894 to 1926, as many as four steel-rail streetcar lines served the City, providing, at one time, 24-hour transit service to residents. Three of the lines operated as a city utility and one line (known as the "Dummy line" along Broad Street) was operated by the Watkins and Missouri Pacific Railroad. The three city lines served the densely developed downtown and ran south from Railroad Avenue on Ryan Street, two lines then going east on Kirby Street and with one line proceeding north on Kirkman to Goosport.

The second line ran east on Kirby then south on Hodges Street to the brickyards on the south east edge of town.

The longest line of the three continued south on Ryan then turned west at Miller Avenue (now 7th St) to run along South Ryan Street ending at the Lake Street edge of what would become Shell Beach road. This is the historic South Ryan Streetcar line that will be recreated.

An onboard docent will tell the story of the streetcar lines in Lake Charles. Members of the general public wanting to ride to experience a rare slice of transportation history are also invited to "catch the trolley."

In addition, the trolley will provide shuttle service for patrons of the Palm Sunday Tour. The temporary historic recreation of the South Ryan Streetcar is provided as a public service by the City of Lake Charles Transit Authority.

Details as to times and pick up/drop off locations will be announced here on