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How Doug's dog got his name!

Kathleen and Walter Lobdell (109 Grove) called on my birthday eve (Nov 28) and asked me to come over for a Birthday drink.  Fine, Fine.

On arriving I said,  "What is that Noise?" Walter said, "There is a puppy under the house, and the men who have come can't get under there."

I called my son Douglas! To the rescue! Flashlight! Rain slicker! ( a cold, wet, miserable night!). He "bellied" under the house and came out with an adorable hungry puppy!

Douglas said, "May I keep him?"  Walter warmed milk...Kathleen got warm towels,. Walter said "We can name him "Dug Out"!

Dug out he was! A fine and loved dog.

P.S. During these days, Gael Baggett lived at 101 Pithon. She asked Douglas once how he kept his dog's "Ruff" so pretty white?  Doug said, "He showers with me."