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From the Archives of the American Press

The following ad has been re-typed here to make it easier to read.  The copy from the American Press archives is below.  CHPS is grateful to the American Press for providing permission to post these images. They may NOT to be reprinted without express permission from the American Press.

will be the Opening Day of the Margaret Place Sale

If you fail to be on hand you will miss a real estate bargain. We have no Lake Charles real estate to give you.  No. No! Lake Charles property is too valuable. 

But if you are posted on values in Lake Charles, you will readily see when you look at the prices on our Margaret Place lots that you are saving at least 20 percent, according to other property as close in and not near so desirable.

What we want on the ground Thursday is people who are familiar with prices placed on Property that would sell for a great deal more than the prices fixed; people who can appreciate a land company that always lives up the motto, "Live and Let Live."

After this sale of three days, February 22, 23 and 24, prices on all unsold lots will advance 20 per cent.  When we say, advance, we mean what we say.

We know that MARGARET PLACE is the best residence property in the city, as well as you do, and we know that we can never find another property as good, so why not advance the prices on the left-over lots after the sale?

Office Majestic Hotel Building......Lake Charles, LA