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These listings serves as a "watch list" of historic sites and structures that are in danger of being lost by neglect, by demolition, by pollution, or by other factors which affect the built environment. According to Donna Richard, Society president, the list serves to bring the story of the site to the public's attention and to encourage reuse, redevelopment or increased care of important historic resources.

 For 2011 the list includes:

Berdon Campbell Building on Ryan1. The Berdon-Campbell Building 600 block of Ryan Street

This structure is actually part of the National Register Muller's Department Store property, but is not the property of the Muller's Lofts project. It is vacant, without a current use or purpose. 




Shrimp Boat at the site of the old Paw Paws

2. The Shrimp Boat at the site of the old Paw Paw's Restaurant on Martin Luther King Drive

Once the iconic marker of a now long lost popular restaurant, the boat is landlocked and marks an auto impoundment yard.




Northern streets and edge of the Charpentier District

3. The northern streets and edge of the Charpentier Historic District (Belden, Lawrence, Pryce streets)

Inappropriate infill and materials, and lax enforcement of neighborhood standards endanger this National Register district.



Bellevue facade of St Patrick's Sanitarium4. Bellevue Street Facade of St Patrick's Sanitarium  

The hospital has long outgrown early construction, however, the remnants of the earlier hospital tell of the committment to provide medical services begun over a hundred years ago. 





5. Historic Bilbo Cemetery

Possible elevation changes, highway reconstruction and development endanger this pioneer cemetery located on the lakeshore.



Corporation Cemetery
6. Historic Corporation Cemetery (Church and Moss streets)


Almost lost when the interstate razed one third or more of the original city-owned cemetery, Corporation faces neglect and litter.



7. Sallier CemeterySallier Cemetery


Development on the edges and neglect of the interior plantings threaten this Dr Michael Debakey Drive landmark.




Old Catholic Cemetery


8. Old Catholic Cemetery

Neglect and weather are affecting this downtown landmark.






Rice Industry Remnants


9. Rice Milling Industry remnants

Rice mills, elevators and silos once dominated the prairies of Southwest Louisiana marking places where jobs and lives were created.

Soon, these relics will be as forgotten as the sawmills of the once widespread lumber industry.






Oak Park Gates10. The gates and development office of Oak Park

These markers helped to shape one of the principal planning housing developments in Southwest Louisiana which featured service alleys, shaded lawns, and mid century architecture.




1Heritage Live Oaks1. Heritage Oaks


Heritage Oaks, particularly pioneer oak allees along Highway 90, McNeese's Oaks, College Oaks, Enterprise Boulevard Oaks, Central School Oaks, and Lakeshore Oaks.

This area's live oaks, most of the plantings of which were designed, are the emblems of the unique south Louisiana lifestyle.



Click here for a photo tour of the 11 most endangered.  Photos by CHPS member Virginia Webb.