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401 Pine Street

This is an 1890 era two story Queen Anne Revival house and features an Eastlake-style porch surmounted by an elaborately worked balcony. The balcony has decorative corner panels and spindlework.

Shaped shingles in front and side gables, a very prominent fan form in the front gable and decoratively worked brackets distinguish this downtown Lake Charles structure.

2009 Update: We are pleased to report that this home is being restored!

509 Bilbo

This two story craftsman vernacular structure has been open to the elements for some time.

The house has a west-facing portico and the upper part of the portico story appears to be a closed in addition.

Warren United Methodist Church

A Calcasieu Landmark structure in Southwest Louisiana, this impressive church has not recovered from the damage wrought by Hurricane Rita.

2009 Update:

Regretfully, we report that the Warren United Methodist Church has been demolilshed.

603 Pujo

This is another Calcasieu Landmark structure.

This ornate Queen Anne has had its distinctive porches removed.

It awaits work to make it the stately and distinguished structure that it is.

Downtown Vinton Storefronts

The once prosperous downtown along Horridge Street boasts a distinctive group of continuous facades.

It would be a shame to lose these. We encourage development and reuse of this community asset.

Live Oak Groves

Live Oak Groves, to include Oak Park and College Oaks groves in particular.

These planted groves have reached maturity and beauty and are distinctive features of the Southwest Louisiana landscape.

Pre-World War II homes
Many Pre-World War II Homes damaged by Rita have not yet been restored.
Pithon Coulee shoreline and its bridges

CHPS believes the Pithon Coulee shoreline and its bridges area could be an asset rather than an eyesore.

The possibility exists for a water's edge development to include appropriate infill—both residences and commercial-- a Coulee-walk, perhaps, from Lakeshore/Shell Beach to Ryan Street.

House on Broad
One of the grand Broad Street houses, this structure has suffered some neglect in relation to its porches.
I-10 Bridge

Plans are currently underway for a new bridge, however the DOTD has not indicated if the current one will be destroyed, salvaged or reused.

CHPS recommends looking at keeping the bridge as a pedestrian and bike trail/observation/vertical park for example, or if this is not possible and supportable, that it be dismantled and reconfigured into other useful things (the railings could play a part in the downtown and lakefront development).

The structure’s distinctive elements must not be just torn down for scrap.

Louisiana Avenue and Prien Lot

The lot at Louisiana Avenue and Prien Lake Road, northeast corner is host to several remarkable live oaks.

As the lot is now listed for sale, we earnestly hope development of this corner can spare these heritage trees.