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The Landmark

The Calcasieu Parish Historical Preservation Society's prestigious Landmark Award is a decorative wooden plaque that is usually attached to the front of a structure. 
This award is given in recognition of homeowners who have restored a historic structure as near as possible to its original look.
Among the architectural styles often seen in this area are Queen Anne revival, Eastlake, Colonial revival, bungalow and 20th Century eclectic.

Shell Beach Drive

205 Shell Beach Drive

205 Shell Beach Drive, The Stockwell House

In her book, Lousiana Homes If Walls Could Talk!, author Nola Rae Moss referred to the home at 205 Shell Beach Drive as an "architectual giant".

The house was built in 1937 as a wedding present from Dr. R.G. Holcombe Sr. to his daughter Roseina, and son-in-law Oliver P. Stockwell.

205 Shell Beach DriveThe two story, white clapboard neoclassical structure reflects the ambiance of an antebellum plantation house. It is a copy of an old Southern plantation house near Thibodaux and was built at a cost of $20,550.00 by Contractor W. Y. Quick from plans by architect Owen James Southwell of New Iberia.

The home stands at the site of a swamp which was filled in by dredging up the lake bottom. The large oaks, which dominate the approach to the house, were moved to the site during construction.

The home is built from the wood of trees which flourish in this part of the South – cypress siding and oak floors, while magnolia wood panels the den.

Neoclassical characteristics include a full height front porch, boxed eaves, moderate overhang and dentil moldings. Double-hung windows with six over six and nine over nine sash arrangements are also typical of the style.

The columns that support the porch roof are characteristic of neoclassical design after 1925. Another notable feature is the elegant round window in the front porch gable. The proportioned and detailed dormers on the side and rear are additional characteristics that contribute to this home.