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1903 Sanborn Map Index

To locate a structure by the address, it is necessary to know the year it appeared on the Sanborn Map Company Insurance Map. Each street is listed and is further separated by municipal numbers, then the corresponding Sheet number on the Index page which is Sheet 1. Because the index page does not render well here, the street names and corresponding sheets numbers have been reproduced below. (This phase of the Sanborn Map Project is in process).

A link to each Sheet number is provided in the sidebar to the right of this list.

An alternative method is to utilize the actual map, which features the sheet numbers within the corresponding area directly on the map. The map is featured below the Street Name/Sheet number list. The Sanborn index page and map are provided on Sheet 1.

CHPS Board Member Trent Gremillion secured the 1898 and 1903 Sanborn maps from the Library of Congress.   



  Street Sheet
  Street   Sheet
  Ann Street     2, 5, 8  

 Hazel, Weslake

 30    Prewitt    27    
  Bank    21, 11  



  Pujo     12,13,16,17    

   Hutchins  22,28            
  Bilbo    3,6,8,9,13    Iris  15            

   Jackson  22,21            
   Kirby  15,13,17,17            
  Broad    8,9,11,12,
   Kirkman  21,11,10,17            
  ?Canal?    22    Landry, Westlake 30             
  Church    2,3,4    Lawrence 5,2,6,3,7
  Clarence    14,15    Louisiana Avenue  20            
  Clement   11    Lyons  25            
  ?   15                  
  Commericial   25                  
  Common   9,10,16                   
  Court, N    11                  
  Court, S   11                  
  Division, W    3                  
  Ford    21,4,7, 10, 16, 17                  
  Franklin    29                  
  Front    2,5,3,8
  Gill   14                  
  Haskell   20